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How To Use Bottom Dump Mine Car In Inclined Roadway?

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Customers all know that the bottom dump Mine Car is used in the mine. How to use it in the inclined lane is unknown. Let's spread the knowledge

The uphill development construction of underground inclined roadway has always been faced with the problems of slow gangue transportation and high risk of operation. In the past, the way of dispatching winch reverse pulley was used for rail transportation, which was inefficient and unsafe. With the progress of technology, the construction method of following the belt conveyor after the rake has been adopted. Although this construction method has made progress compared with the previous one, it still faces problems such as frequent extension of the conveyor tail, and the improvement of construction efficiency is extremely limited.

After a series of continuous practice, people put forward to use bottom dump mine car and unloading stations in the whole process. Let's take a concrete example to illustrate that the bottom dump tramcar and the unloading station have been applied in the construction of the inclined roadway of the belt conveyor in the coal mining area.

The total length of the belt conveyor in the mining area of the coal mine is 963m. When the construction reaches 500m, the problem of long transportation time and insufficient rope capacity of the winch is faced. After calculation, it takes about 20min to lift a cycle, and the gangue in the working face is often too late to transport. To solve this problem, a foundation pit is constructed at 400m, and a DJS80/2 is laid at the bend of the belt conveyor at the bottom of the mountain × The 4O type belt conveyor extends the tail into the foundation pit, installs the finished unloading station to the upper part of the tail buffer bed, and makes its curved track extension butt joint with the original rail transportation system. The bottom unloading narrow gauge mine car only carries out the transportation between the unloading station and the working face rake, without the need to remove the hook. After calculation, the lifting cycle time is reduced from about 20 minutes to about 5 minutes, which completely solves the transportation bottleneck restricting production.



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