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Side Dumping Mine Car Unloading Process Should Be Careful

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Side Dumping Mine Car

The existence of machinery and equipment is the existence of enterprise production is very popular, and, narrow gauge mine car is a typical mining production machinery and equipment, with the continuous progress of social and economic development, mine car type models are also undergoing important changes, side dumping mine car is now typical existence, about the specific unloading process of the side dumping mine car, I have made the following summary for you.

Side dumping mine car is driven by tractor, winch, and can be combined with rock drill, slag raking machine [vertical claw rock loader] and ore skid gate discharge system, the ore block does not exceed 500 mm, according to the load volume of the narrow gauge mine car, after loading by traction power led to (running speed of not more than 1m / s) special curved track unloading mechanism.

When the side dumping mine car box is turned to the horizontal into a large discharge angle, the door is also opened to a large extent. At this time, the unloading of the mine car has been fully completed. When returning, the coal mining car is automatically closed in place again through the curved track door.

Side Dumping Mine Car Unloading Process Should Be Careful

When unloading the side dumping mine car, the base should make a straight movement along the track and the rollers of the pusher device should spare the base to make a circular movement to lift it along the track, so that the unloading work can be completed correctly. The conditions that need to be met for a correct unloading of a coal mining car are very simple and easy to achieve.

According to the above ways and means to carry out reasonable unloading of the side dumping mine car, to enrich the use of mine car, to enhance the mining production efficiency to provide support help.



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