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Detailed Introduction Of Fixed Mine Car

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What I want to introduce to you today is the MGC type fixed coal mining car. Many friends have opened the phone to inquire about the MGC type fixed minecart, so the editor will introduce the MGC type fixed minecart in detail here. , I hope you all like it. Of course, if you are still interested in which model of fixed mine car, you can leave a message at any time to consult us! We will have professionals to provide professional answers for you, and we will guarantee that you will be satisfied!

Now, please follow the editor to take a look at the content about the MGC type fixed mining cart.

Fixed mine car is used for transportation of large tunnels in coal mines, medium and small inclined shafts, small inclined shafts along the trough and mine ground transportation. The fixed minecart is composed of carriage, minecart-frame, wheelset, and buffer. If the fixed mining cart needs a coupler or a cart baffle, please specify it when ordering. Welcome calls and letters with us Shandong China Coal Co., Ltd. Narrow-gauge railway transport vehicles for transporting bulk materials such as coal, ore and waste rock in mines generally need to be pulled by locomotives or winches. According to the different structure and unloading method, the fixed mine car can be divided into fixed tipping bucket type side unloading type, shuttle type and bottom unloading type.

Fixed mine car is also a short-distance transportation equipment for other non-metallic ores, bridge uncles, railway engineering, transportation and tunneling and other construction transportation projects such as elm sand, stones and other materials. The fixed series coal mining car has the characteristics of simple structure, strong and durable, the resistance is small, the bearing capacity is large, and the maintenance is convenient. Stationary mine trucks are mainly used to transport coal, gangue, materials, etc. above and below coal mines. It can also be used to transport materials in other mines or underground projects. It is generally composed of a car box, a frame, an axle, a buffer and a connector.

Fixedcoal mining car frame is a metal structure, which can withstand traction, braking force, collision force between mine cars and impact force of rails. Buffers are installed at both ends of the frame to moderate the impact force between two cars.The coupling is the part that connects the locomotive and the mine car. Commonly used are the latch chain ring and the slewing chain. The large MGC fixed coal mining car adopts an automatic coupler that also functions as a buffer. The running gear is two wheelsets consisting of 4 wheels and 2 axles.



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