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How To Do A Safe Trial Operation Of Mine Car

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The existence of coal mining car is a relatively common production equipment in our daily life and production. It is a mechanical equipment provided by our company for market production throughout the year. Regarding the basic safety test operation skills of mine car, I hope you have a brief understanding of the following knowledge.

Push the flatbed mine car on the auxiliary rail surface, check the parallelism of the rail surface, and the wheel tread should meet the requirements of GB4695. There shall be no more than two small cracks on the surface of the top and end of the wheel rim within a length of 10mm, and welding is permitted.

How To Do A Safe Trial Operation Of Mine Car

Wheel treads are not allowed to be used within the range of welding repair; small and dense surface pinholes and pits with a diameter of less than 2mm and a depth of less than 2mm, each shall not be larger than 225mm2, and the total area shall not exceed 900mm2. For pores with a diameter and depth of less than 3mm, the total number of sand holes and slag inclusions should not exceed six, and the mutual distance should be more than 30mm, but when the diameter and depth are not more than 2mm, the total length should not exceed 400, the width should not exceed 2mm, and the depth should not exceed 1mm. The cold barrier. The mining cart box and the fulcrum can be flipped flexibly, and there must be no long resistance.

Simply grasp and understand the basic safety test operation skills of the narrow gauge mine car in the above aspects, hoping to help more corporate customers understand the mining cart in depth, and provide support and help to improve production efficiency.



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