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Reasons For Wear Of Mine Car Wheel Sets

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Mine Car

Mine Car Wheel Set

Mine Car Wheel Set Wear

The mine car wheel set is a key component of the mine car, which is both a walking mechanism and a bearing mechanism. Due to the special environment of coal mine production, the bearings, seals, and even wheel sets of ordinary mining vehicles need to be replaced due to water ingress, coal, mud, or abnormal wear and tear at the wheel set position after a period of use. Therefore, designing good performance mine car wheel sets is an urgent problem to be solved in mine car production.

1. Abnormal wear of bearings in mine car wheels:
(1) Abnormal wear caused by poor lubrication

In the special environment of underground production, after the compression and wear of the inner sealing ring of the wheel set, water and dust can easily enter, resulting in saponification or loss of lubricating grease. Especially when muddy water enters the bearing, the rolling element, inner and outer rings, and cage are extremely prone to wear, resulting in extensive corrosion of the bearing rolling element, inner and outer rings, shortening the bearing life, and premature scrapping.
(2) Abnormal wear caused by changes in additional load
In the structure of the mine car, the box body and the shaft clamp are all rigidly connected into one body. When the mine car travels on uneven tracks, it generates vibration, causing additional impact loads, causing a sudden increase in the positive pressure of the mining wheel on the track, resulting in a sharp increase in the pressure of the rolling body on the bearing ring within the bearing, causing plastic deformation of the rolling body and the bearing ring, and premature scrapping of the bearing; At the same time, it increases the friction between the mine car wheel and the rail, causing additional wear and tear when the mine car is trapped.

2. Abnormal wear caused by bends in the track:
At the bend, in order to prevent the two axles of the mining car from entering the bend, the rim of the wheel presses the rail, causing greater driving resistance, and even the vehicle cannot proceed or fall off the track. Subjected to centrifugal force. After a period of operation, there are significant negative and positive deviations in the gauge at the curve.

When a mine car drives from a standard gauge onto a track with a reduced gauge, the wheels of the mine car will slide outward laterally relative to the track. When the mine car drives from the standard gauge onto the track with increased gauge, the mine car wheels will slide inwardly and laterally relative to the track. The repeated occurrence of these two types of sliding causes the rolling of the mining wheel and the rail to form a composite friction, which inevitably leads to increased wear of the mining wheel.



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