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Matters To Note When Operating The Dump Mine Car

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Mine Car

Narrow Gauge Mine Car

Coal Mining Car

1、The dump mine car should be carefully checked before use to see if there is any serious damage to the appearance, and the wheels should be flexible and free from jamming.

2、Under the condition that the user abides by the rules of using the narrow gauge mine car, the contractor shall repair or replace it without compensation if it is damaged or cannot work normally due to poor manufacturing quality within six months from the date of delivery.

3、When replacing the bearing, the bearing cage must be opened to the outside, and the bearing should keep the proper clearance after being installed into the wheel, and should not be pressed to death.

4. The original parts should be used for the seals. Precautions for operation: a. Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. b. Do not allow overload operation. c. During the working process of the coal mine car, no manual cleaning of the narrow gauge mine car shall be carried out.

5、Mine car normal use life 7500h or more generally does not require maintenance. But according to the use of the place and the size of the load should develop the corresponding maintenance date timely cleaning and oiling maintenance, to have abnormal sound and do not turn the wheel pair to timely replacement.



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